Sunday, July 22, 2007

Poem -- Tears in a bottle

This is my first poem, written during a session of tears. I was sleep and tired after a long day, and so this is solely my personal encounter with the Lord.=)

Tears in a Bottle

The vase laid on the ground,
broken and shattered.
What was once beautiful to behold,
was now left to be forgotten.

Pain have been my faithful partner,
and tears have been my food.
Oh, how I wished that night was day,
that winter was spring.

How I longed to hear the birds sing,
how I longed to see the flowers bloom.
When will the skies show its glory,
the sun shine its light?

But all I saw were the overwhelming waves,
all I knew were the dark, gloomy skies.
The storms of life were too much for me to bear,
O Lord, where can I run to?

And so I built my own shelter,
a place where I can lock myself in.
Oh, now I can be safe,
safe from the storms.

Lord, where were You when it hurts?
Why didn't You come to my rescue?
Why didn't You protect me from the storms?
Why did You allow my heart to bleed so?

Lord, did You not care?
Have You not seen my tears?
O Lord, Where are You,
please....answer me, Lord.

Then, I felt LOVE surrounding me.
I looked up, and saw Him.
Oh, it can't be You, Lord.
It can't be You.

And I saw a bottle in His hand,
a bottle filled with something precious to Him.
'What is it, Lord?' I asked.
'My Child, these were your tears.

For I've stored your tears in a bottle,
they are so precious to me.
Like golden drops they were made of,
like precious diamonds they were shaped.

These are tears of brokenness,
they are tears of worship.
I will turn the ashes into beauty,
and I will wrap the garment of praise over you.

Now look up and see the day dawning.
Yes, for winter has passed,
and spring has come
See, the flowers are blooming again.'

And the Lord bent down,
and gently picked up the broken pieces.
'I will make you whole again,
and I will make you stronger than ever.

You were broken so that you will know,
that I can fix those broken pieces.
For I know your every tear,
and I will wipe them all away.

Now go and tell other broken vases
to bring their pieces to Me.
Tell them that I will mend the broken pieces,
and make them even more beautiful.

Let them know too,
that I store their tears in a bottle.
None will be wasted,
because I love you so.'

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